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www.leftygbalogh.com Prepare your tools and team for viral marketing Viral marketing: sharing is caring To maximise the effectiveness of your viral marketing campaign, make sure your new prospective customers get the same message at every touch-point: share. How to set up your Facebook application I know I have been talking about a Facebook page, fanpage and application interchangably, but a Facebook App is what you really need. A facebook app gives you the flexibility and functionality you need, and it allows you to change the functionality later on. A simple FB page does not give you that. Head to www.facebook.com and set up a new app. Make sure you choose the right name, because you cannot change the name. Get hold of your graphics designer and create a welcome page that has your calls to action in place. Test it so it looks okay even on smaller screens. Create a welcome tab, and upload you image. If you are not particularly FBML proficient, use a free service such as Tabsite. Go to your Facebook app and edit the App settings so your Go to app button redirects users to your LinkedIn group. Modify your Facebook Wall settings, so new visitors land on your Welcome page. Edit the information in the sidebar, so it has a link, again, to your LinkedIn group. Test your welcome page to make sure everything works fine. How to set up your LinkedIn Groups In your LinkedIn group, set up the auto-responder to send the automatic replies with a link to your Facebook page and a strong

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5 Responses to “Facebook Viral Script + instructions FREE DOWNLOAD!!!”

  1. Tiper86 says:

    Facebook is indeed becoming much more strict on that sense.

    As any other marketing strategies involving Facebook, you need to be very careful on how you use it, yes!
    There are meny proven ways out there to make sure you stay safe.

  2. brooklynbaba says:

    will your account get banned for using this script from Facebook? Please tell the truth.

  3. Tiper86 says:

    You haven’t downloaded it.

    If you do not download it it’s normal that it doesn’t work…

  4. NewcommerMusic says:

    It doesnt Work !!!

  5. […] & Viral Marketing Formula: 4 Strategies to Make Your App-Products-Company Go ViralFacebook Viral Script + instructions FREE DOWNLOAD!!! .enews .screenread { height: 1px; left: -1000em; overflow: hidden; position: absolute; top: […]

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